Beautiful Sun Borneo Tours was formed by a group of travel enthusiast who are passionate about the tourism industry. Each member has dedicated many years to the field and possesses extensive experience in tourism operations. In 2012, we united to form a new force in the industry by establishing Splendid Holidays.

Beautiful Sun Borneo Tours upholds the principle of not cutting corners, carefully selecting tour guides who have many years of experience and are highly knowledgeable. This ensures that tourists can learn about the customs and traditions of Sabah while enjoying their travels.

In its first year in 2012, Beautiful Sun Borneo Tours successfully managed tours for over 7,000 people. In 2013, they handled operations for 10,600 people, achieving a growth rate of over 35%. This rapid development includes many repeat visitors, a testament to the exceptional service provided by Beautiful Sun Borneo Tours, which has earned recognition from both tourists and industry peers.

We have earned the trust and recognition of hotels, tourist sites, and attractions. Their commitment to excellence and outstanding service has not only garnered the loyalty of countless traveler’s but also led to prestigious awards from key partners in the tourism industry.

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